BIO and contact

I was born in 1957, lurking in an essentially rural Middlesex backwater just close enough to London that it proved to be a dim candle for my mothiness. Even before Punk happened I was making illicit trips to Soho (to buy comics, I hasten to add), and when Punk got me into music I was forever there, doing my own fanzine, then freelancing for music papers, and editing magazines. Then moving to the South Coast, before relocating recently to the outskirts of Gatwick, where I burble contentedly with my fiancée Lynda and four very dozy, happy cats.

As an inspiration to my writing Punk was fine, but Goth was better, and Post-Punk flits happily in-between. So shall it ever be.

I’m pretty dull, I suppose. People have to really get to know me to enjoy my humour, which is about all I have going for me, and I make sterling efforts to rebuff any interest people show in me. That’s probably why I am a writer, or proof that I am. People are a problem. I see them as a distraction. I make no discernible effort to maintain friendships that aren’t happening naturally, conveniently. I am a bit of a pain that way. That said (violins surging supportively in the background) I care deeply about those that I do like, even if they don’t know that, which they are unlikely to, all things considered. I blame them for this.

Now, books! Yes, I have done a few, but I won’t mention the pop paperback of The Human League done under the pseudonym of Peter Nash (inspired by my fanzine Panache), because nobody needs to know about that.

Gothic Rock Black Book, Gothic Rock, Hex Files and 21st Century Goth have all come and gone, long since out of print. As I have the rights back on these titles I have issued my own Author’s Editions which you can find available through the homepage. I have also recently completed Music To Die For, for Cherry Red Books, which is the biggest reference guide to Goth, Post-Punk and Noir forms generally ever printed, so I can heartily recommend my own book!

I am still working on my first two novels, which is a slow process, as I am trying to get all of my music archive out as fast as possible. The Goth and Punk works are pretty much done now, although there will be a lot of G&P content in ‘My Ghostly Companion’ which will be a book, or two depending on how much material there is, of all the records I reviewed for the papers and magazines. There will also be a series of Indie interview books, and I am halfway through Indie Giggery as I type this. I also have some further photobooks to publish, involving Specimen, Flesh For Lulu, Alien Sex Fiend, Daisy Chainsaw, Christian Death and Gitane Demone. That will pretty much conclude the archival work, if we don’t look at the monstrous Bull & Gate series, which may generate thirty to forty titles on its own.

2009 was an awful year, for reasons not associated with writing, which impacted heavily on my ability to do what I want to do. 2010 will, fingers crossed, be a normal year, in which I can do what I aim to do for the next few years. The daily journal should, more often that not, feature a CD review. THE MICK will be on a firm monthly footing and containing a healthy does of interviews, and after every four issues there will be a new book of those MICK issues. I will be starting a series of books reviewing bootlegs that interest me. There will always be a Mercerville book of my non-musical writing during that year.

I find it hard to stop.

If you wish to send something to be reviewed, or think you may be able to provide info for the Bull & Gate books, or if you have Dancing Did or Ataraxia memorabilia and bootlegs that you know deserve to be with me rather than you then please get in touch.

mercermick at hotmail dot com

I go now.