THE MICK Issues 8-12

THE MICK Issues 8-12

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Covering the latter half of 2004 this weighs in at 400 pages.

Interviews with: with All About Eve, And Also The Trees, Animals And Men, Attrition, Droom, History Of Guns, Killing Miranda, Manuskript, Razor Blade Kisses, Rome Burns, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, The Empire Hideous, The Multiverse, Undying Legacy and an article on Ausgang in New York.

241 CD reviews, including: 101ers, 13th Sky, Action Directe, Adverts, Aenima, Alien Sex Fiend, All About Eve, All The Pretty Horses, Anarchy tour, Andi Sex Gang, Arkane, Artica, Ataraxia, Audra, Batzz In The Belfry, Bauhaus, Beyond The Void, Bill Pritchard, Black Atmosphere, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Blondie, Bohémien, Boys, Brides, Butterfly Messiah, Carfax Abbey, Carpettes, Charlotte’s Shadow, Chelsea, Clash, Claustraphobia, Collide, Corrosion, Crabs, Creamviii, Cruxshadows, Curse, Danse Society, Dark Muse, Dark Runner, Dead Babes, Deathboy, Der Eremit, Descendants Of Cain, Dick Dale, Dr Kevorkian, Dreams Of Sanity, Dreamside, DUST, Dust Fear Of Lover, Dvar, Dwelling, Electric Press Kit, Elusive, Emulsion, Eternia, Ethereal Travel, Excession, Faith + The Muse, Fiel Garvie, Flaming Fire, Gen X, Gotterdammerung, Hearts Fail, Hexetanz, History Of Guns, Human Disease, Hungry Lucy, In Strict Confidence, Jam, Jenn Vix, Jesus Complex, Killing Miranda, La Mamoynia, Last Dance, Leeches, Legion Within, Les Baton Rouge, Little Match Girl, Live Not On Evil, Lupercalia, Memo, Midnight Syndicate, Morthem Vlade Art, Nfd, Nihil Communications, Nox Arcana, Nozzle, Pack, Paralysed Age, Photos, Popoi Sdioh, Project12 01, Psycho D, Psychophile, Question, Razor Blade Kisses, Ruts, Sand, Sandcastle, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Screams For Tina, Seventh Harmonic, Sex Gang, Sex Pistols, Sift, Sins, Siouxsie, Slits, Son Of William, Sophya, Soulscape, Spear Of Destiny, Specimen, Spit Like This, Stiff Little Fingers, Swarf, System 81, The Drowning Season, The Escape, The Naked And The Dead, Skabs, The Tunnel Of Love, The Way Of All Flesh, The Weegs, Theatre Of Hate, Thou Shalt Not, Ultranoir, Undying Legacy, Unto Ashes, Unwoman, Urn, Various x 20, Venus Fly Trap, Vidi Aquam, Vittorio Vandelli, Voltaire, Winterland, Wreckage, Zadera, Zorch Factor.

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